A Vegetarian Connoisseur

Our Story

Yishensu's operations originated from a restaurant business namely: Yishen Vegetarian Restaurant which has been in operations since 1987. The restaurant business started operating in two locations, Ipoh and Kampar, Perak.

Initially, the main focus of its operation was to manufacture and supply processed vegetarian food to support the two restaurant outlets. It is aimed to enhance cost efficiency in the area of raw and processed vegetarian food materials purchases in relation to the restaurant business fixed operating cost.

Due to customer’s demand, certain processed vegetarian food were also packaged and displayed for sale at the at the respective outlets. Since then, it has been widely welcome by the local and outstation customers, hence, we have established distribution channel on a small scale through the outstation wholesalers and retailers of vegetarian food stuff.

As the business grow throughout the years and in order to keep up with the demand, we have expanded to the manufacturing operation until the present state. In order to further expand and capture a wider scope of the market, the company is committed to continuous improvement and development of health oriented products.

We now operates 3 restaurants at

Metro Ipoh Baru, Ipoh
1Utama Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya
BBT One, Klang